MBA International Business has been chosen among the 40 best websites on business schools and MBA programs in the world.

The FeedSpot portal, dedicated for more than 10 years to the categorization and classification of websites and blogs, considered the MBA International Business website in position 36 out of 40 platforms chosen as the most viewed by candidates. MBA in the world.

The classification is based on the following:

  • Relevance. – Industry blogs (those that don’t favor a specific brand) are ranked higher than individual brand blogs (which often tend to promote their own products).
  • Frequency of blog posting (newness)
  • Follower counts and social media engagements
  • Domain authority
  • Age of a blog
  • Alexa Web Traffic Rank and many other parameters.

FeedSpot discovers, categorizes, and classifies blogs, podcasts, and influencers into various categories. They have reviewed more than 250,000 popular blogs and websites and grouped them into more than 5,000 categories. With millions of blogs on the web, finding trusted, authoritative, and influential bloggers in any given industry is a difficult problem to tackle, but FeedSpot leads us to believe that a careful blend of algorithmic and human editing delivers the best media of choice. FeedSpot’s expert editorial team reviews each blog before adding it to the relevant category list.