CLADEA: 2nd Senior Management Program For Higher Education

From August 23 to 24 / EGADE Business School, Mexico

2nd Senior Management Program For Higher Education:

“Challenges, Strategic Management and resolution”

The field of education has become more dynamic, where various external factors such as technology, market needs, regulations in each country and others make it necessary to act strategically. One of the important actions is to enhance the capacities and abilities of internal government bodies such as rectors, deans, program or internationalization directors, in order to manage the needs of all interest groups, be they students, teachers, staff, society, among others. .

It is for this purpose that we designed an update program for those who occupy or will occupy Senior Management positions in Universities and/or Business Schools in Latin America. CLADEA invites you to participate in the “II Senior Management Program in Higher Education”, on August 23 and 24, 2023.

The first event was held with great success in Miami – USA in 2022, this year in Mexico we will have new topics, guests and renowned participants, belonging to more than 20 universities from 8 countries in the Region, with the support of the Technological de Monterrey and EGADE Business School, Mexico City Campus. It will be a 100% program in Spanish.

Gathered in working groups, we will share, analyze and discuss the current challenges and opportunities in the world of higher education management, and where experts will share techniques and tools to apply in your organization.

You can request information at, Or WhatsApp: +51 951 121 007

From October 30 to November 1 / ICDA, Argentina

58th CLADEA International Congress 2023:

“Disruption in Organizations: Co-Creating New Sustainable Models”

The historic city of Cordoba in Argentina will receive from October 30 to November 1 the 58th CLADEA 2023 International Congress and General Assembly of Members thanks to the cooperation as host of the Catholic University of Cordoba at the premises of the Business School – ICDA, a place surrounded by an important Jesuit tradition.

The 58th International Congress of CLADEA 2023 is the most important academic event in Latin America. With a global network in more than 30 countries, we receive more than 400 research papers every year that are rigorously evaluated in a peer review process and the finalists will be able to exhibit their work and be visible by more than 20 specialized journal editors. Likewise, it brings together the people responsible for the management of important educational institutions in the region such as rectors, deans, directors of internationalization, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, among other roles, providing a very relevant networking platform for their institutional purposes and innovative discussions regarding international management trends of business schools.

Andrés Aguerre, Rector of the Catholic University of Córdoba, and chair of the #CLADEACONGRESS points out: “We are facing a changing world that places us in front of the fourth generation of educational centers. Questions arise about how to promote comprehensive training, with what values and what is the social role of the university in the face of technological advances, skills required by the market and skills to deal with new management models. Integrating the university into this new ecosystem implies structural changes. For this reason, we invite professors and researchers to present papers, which will contribute to the co-creation of knowledge based on technical models applicable to the current situation”; he emphasized.

For her part, Gisela Veritier, General Director of the Business School – ICDA and chair of the #CLADEACONGRESS, reflects on What is the future of Management Education? : “Today, technological advances are disrupting universities by changing paradigms teaching. It is necessary to acquire new skills with a role focused on people, sustainability, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are faced with concepts such as innovative and agile universities or exponential universities”; she pointed out herself.

#CLADEACONGRESS will be an unforgettable event, which will feature talks and seminars by renowned speakers and Workshops, that is, top-level academic and social activities, which will contribute to strengthening education in administrative sciences globally.

In the same way, within the framework of the Congress, the “XX Meeting of the Association of Information Centers” and the “XXI CLADEA Doctoral Colloquium” will be held.


The Latin American Council of Business Schools, CLADEA, is a global network of business education institutions that strengthens the development of teaching, research, and links with society. We value regional integrity and diversity among its members and is committed to academic excellence, internationalization, sustainability, and innovation, empowering its members to achieve a positive impact on Latin American society.

Currently, CLADEA has 256 affiliated institutions, belonging to 32 countries in America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania, both private and public.

ICDA – Business School of the Catholic University of Cordoba (ICDA-UCC) has been a member of CLADEA for 33 years. During that time, ICDA-UCC has strengthened its alliance seeking to expand learning communities and create environments that promote a rigorous research agenda, as well as academic exchanges in the field of business.

It should be noted that the 58th International Congress of CLADEA was declared “of Educational, Cultural and Tourist Interest” by the honourable Legislature of the Province of Córdoba”, therefore the realization of cultural and tourist activities that show all the potential of the province of Córdoba.

CLADEA invites the entire International Academic Community to be part of the #CLADEACONGRESS.