Latin American and Caribbean Annual Conference

By bringing together leading business schools across Latin America and the Caribbean, this conference serves as a springboard for innovation in a region becoming much more connected to the global economy. Designed for teams of school representatives, the event addresses the strategic and financial management of the school, program and curriculum development, faculty development, and management. Business schools that want to learn more about the benefits of being an AACSB member can meet and learn from staff and experienced volunteers.  The value of membership is diverse in its offerings and will benefit each member with opportunities from networking, to knowledge, to useful data information.

The conference is built specifically for the Latin American context, which is positively characterized by increasing demand for management education, historically strong ties to practice, and great diversity. But higher education can also suffer from insufficient public support, as well as instability and uncertainty. What can your business school do to be more competitive and successful in the challenging Latin American environment? Join us as AACSB helps you through these challenges while presenting useful information related to every member’s needs Learn from distinguished speakers and management education leaders in the region and beyond.

Please Note: Conference sessions will be delivered in Spanish. English translation services will be provided on site.