“This program has gave me international opportunities”

Mónica Rocío Villarreal Sauceda, GRADUATE Class 2017-2018, EGADE Full-Time MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, México

“The EGADE Full-Time MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship was a great opportunity not just to have the title of an MBA but also to learn of innovation and entrepreneurship, that those two subjects are right now the leading subjects of the business world. This program has gave me international opportunities, knowledge and connections. The networking was fantastic. I learned not just from my peers and from the great faculty but also from top high-level executives leaders that gave us mentorship through the program. I am an entrepreneur and I really recommend this program because we not only learn the basics and the theoretical part, but we also get many abilities and professional tools, such as design thinking.  I’m currently working on an entrepreneurship project to open a Fin Tech, with focus on remittances and microloans, from USA migrants to Mexico, that will also work as a Manufacturing Search Fund”.