“Today, I have a broad, cross-sectional vision of value-based integrated healthcare”

Nelson Manuel Muhongo, Former student CEAHS EAESP FGV

“My long trajectory in the nursing career sparked my interest in specializing in the field of ​​management. In 2015, I completed my medical degree, and in late 2017, I left Angola for Sao Paulo, Brazil, to pursue further training. As I already knew that I wanted a specialization, in 2019, I got to know the program of the CEAHS MBA course. I was certain of my choice, as I realized that its program content would add value to the specialty in hospital administration and health systems, as well as the composition of the faculty and the MBA accreditation. As a physician, it was an opportunity to obtain personal and professional development. Today, I have a broad, cross-sectional view of integrated health care based on value and results, as well as an understanding of the role of the health value chain and its processes. On my return to Angola and to the hospital setting, I was assigned to the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality office, in which I am part of the Hospital Infection Control Committee (CCIH), and I hope to contribute to the improvement in care and health results”.