The European MBA Experience: Studying in the UK

There are around 16,545 business schools in the world, but the UK stands out for bringing together a select group of schools that are renowned for their excellence, quality of teaching and multiculturalism in their MBA classrooms. Joël McConnell, Executive Director of Institutional Relations at Imperial College Business School in the United Kingdom, shares some reasons why the UK should be a target destination for Latin American professionals who want to study an MBA.

Study an MBA in the United Kingdom (UK)

For a Latin American professional, the traditional destination when studying an MBA was the United States, since an important factor was the possibility of staying and working in the country, seeking not only academic, but also professional growth. However, in recent years the relationship between Europe and Latin America has been strengthening, both in terms of European investments in the region, and the presence of European academic institutions in the various MBA fairs that take place there.

Europe is now one of the main choices for studying an MBA. This is part of a growing trend to study a master’s degree or MBA in a European country such as the UK.

The UK, like many study destinations, is going through an interesting time in terms of politics, economy and business, but the higher education sector is growing in quality and innovation. Studying an MBA in an English-speaking country is a valuable opportunity for Latin American professionals who want to improve their communication skills and cultural awareness. Moreover, UK business schools are highly ranked and accredited internationally, with prestigious brands that stand out among their peers. It is also worth mentioning that UK business schools are very close to each other, particularly those based in London.

Joël McConnell

Factors for choosing a business school in the UK

The UK, and in particular the country’s southeast, offers a range of opportunities for professionals who want to study a master’s degree or MBA. You can choose from innovative and dynamic business schools in London, the financial and cultural hub of Europe, and Oxford and Cambridge, the historic university cities.

At Imperial College Business School, we are proud to be part of a leading institution in STEMB (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business). We understand that today’s business world demands professionals who can master various technological tools and apply critical and analytical thinking to different situations. That’s why we offer programs that prepare students for these challenges and help them achieve their career aspirations.

Relationships between business schools and industry

As an MBA candidate, you should look for business schools in the UK that offer more than just academic excellence. You should ask the business school representatives how they connect with companies to help you gain real-world experience and develop the soft skills that employers value, such as leadership, teamwork, communication and collaboration. It’s not enough for a school to have a professional career service; students need to grow outside of the classroom and become well-rounded candidates for their dream jobs.

Multiculturalism in business schools

For a Latin American MBA candidate, studying in London offers a unique opportunity to experience an international and diverse city that can enrich your learning and personal growth. Unlike the largest business schools in the United States and Canada, where international students make up around 30% to 40% of the student body, European schools are very diverse. In our case, up to 90% of our MBA students come from international backgrounds, bringing with them with a range of experiences, knowledge and expectations. They join a strong network of contacts and gain a global perspective that can enhance their student experience and career prospects.

Cultural considerations of studying in the UK

One of the main characteristics of living and studying in the UK is there are rules that everyone respects, and when you learn to manage being immersed in these rules, you will experience benefits to your life as a student.

British business schools also have a very structured and rigorous learning process that requires a lot of work and study. This can make students more attractive to employers who are looking for professionals who are highly committed to their careers and have a strong work ethic.

The Imperial College Business School MBA

Inaugurated in 2004, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, as part of Imperial College London (founded in 1907), Imperial College Business School sits on a modern campus located in South Kensington, West London. Our business school is not only one of the most prestigious in the UK for its track record over time, but also because we merge business and technology into a global-scale entrepreneurship approach.

We may not have reached our 20th anniversary yet (that will happen in 2024), but our relative youth gives us the advantage of being dynamic and innovative in creating the school of the future. Moreover, being part of Imperial College London enables us to access applied research initiatives relevant to key issues such as sustainability, digital transformation and cybersecurity. Our business school hosts nine research centres, and collaborates with centres and other initiatives from our parent university. All this gives our MBA students a truly incomparable experience.

Imperial College Business School is one of the elite 118 business schools – out of 16,545 worldwide – that have achieved the Triple accreditation, also known as the “Triple Crown”. This refers to the international accreditations from AACSB International, EQUIS (EFMD) and AMBA Association of MBAs, the most prestigious quality assurance agencies for higher education in the world.

The Latin American student who comes to study with us at Imperial College Business School is not only coming to train, to develop their professional skills and to strengthen their career plan, they are also coming to immerse themselves in the vibrant and diverse culture of London and the Europe. We are going to accompany you in this process, one that will be an unforgettable experience in your personal and professional life.